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Trouble Shooting

Try another channel.

Adjust the antenna.

Check all wire connections.

Try another channel.

Press the W/AV button.

Make sure the is plugged in.

Check the antenna connections.

First, check the volume of units connected to your TV.

Adjust the TV volume accordingly.

Check sound adjustment(Volume and Mute)

Make sure the program is broadcast in colour. Select the picture menu, then adjust the colour or tint submenu to the proper value.

check all wire connections.

Check the direction, location and connections of your antenna. This interference is often due to the use of an indoor antenna.

Replace the remote control batteries.

Check the battery terminals.

Remote is out of range, move close to TV

Confirm there is no obstructions between remote and TV

Make sure power cord is plugged in

Adjust the horizontal and vertical position

When cleaning the LED panel, please pull out the power plug, use dry and soft and clean cloth to clean the dust on the screen and shell. In case of further cleaning for the screen, please use clean wet cloth. Do not use naphtha, thinner or similar liquids for cleaning.

This product adopts a high-resolution LED TV, and the coloured point of some pixels may occur due to the special feature of the product. For a few of coloured points, this shall not be related to terrible product performance or product reliability, and in case of this situation, the service of the product will not be influenced. For the criterion of coloured points, our company has similar products with others. The coloured point in conformity with the product criterion is not covered by the return scope of the product due to quality problems.

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