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About us:

Aurasis was founded in 2015 with a vision of building high-tech Consumer Electronics products for tech-savvy budget constraint consumers. With Head Quarter in Sydney Australia and Ahmedabad India, Aurasis aims to expand its business throughout in India serving rich and poor with technologically advanced daily use products.

Products Portfolio:

Television is increasingly being used not only for just watching TV Shows but becoming an effective source of obtaining all kinds of information. Aurasis is currently launching   Smart TVs in India and All in one Desktop in Australia with advanced high-tech features at an affordable price to promote its business. Our future Products will include All in One Computers, Smart Security devices, and Industrial use LED display panels.

Production Quality

Aurasis believe to use latest trendy technology through their innovative product development team.Our company maintains a high standard of production, quality care, and customer service. We consistently upgrade our technology, further our research, and development to provide the best quality products available in the market. Each television produced by Aurasis is built from premium A+ grade or Samsung or LG panels with the fastest processors, RoHS-grade materials, and energy efficient power solutions.

Consumer Friendly:

Aurasis works closely with consumers to understand their needs for entertainment and choice for contents to develop user-friendly interfaces for their preferences. Aurasis provides cutting edge technology over its competitors with advantage of

 1. Cheapest price
2. Excellent quality
3. Fast delivery
4. Newest design
5. Perfect after-sale service

We serve our customers with World first-class products and excellent service to ensure high satisfaction.

Business relation:

Aurasis offers an excellent platform for investors and distributors who want to be part of our groups. We promise for long-term better future and relationships. We determine to accomplish our goal and strategies to create a win-win environment for all those who trust us.

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Our Offices:

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